2nd Annual Conference: Better Outcomes at the Intersection of Mental Health and Criminal Justice

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Here are the slides from the presentations.

Sunday Presentations

1 Achieving Better Results

Stuart Buttlaire – President, Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement; Regional Director of Inpatient Psychiatry and Continuing Care for Northern California Kaiser Permanente

2 Helping New Programs Get Started

Leon Evans – Board Member, Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement; Former President /CEO The Center for Health Care Services


3 Crisis Intervention Team Training and Ally-building Essentials

A primer on how to develop the training and relationship building skills necessary to produce better outcomes from leaders who have shaped and implemented successful programs and protocols.
Chief Donald De Lucca, Immediate Past President, International Association of Chief of Police

4 Challenges and Promises of CIT

Lt. Sam Cochran, Ret. Memphis Police Department, Crisis Intervention Team Center with University of MemphisJustin Volpe, Peer Advocate, South Florida Behavioral Health Network

Chief Donald De Lucca, Immediate Past President, International Association of Chief of Police

5 Keynote Address: Progress Made Possible (slides not yet available)
Hon. Steven Leifman, Miami-Dade County

Monday Presentations

The Miami-Dade Perspective on Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health
Day by day, Miami-Dade County is making strides toward better outcomes for people in need and the community as a whole because of focus and collaboration and coordination between community leaders dedicated professionals in a variety of fields and services. The sharing of their first-hand experiences will provide insight into the heartbreak and hope of the struggle.
Facilitated by Hon. Steven Leifman, Miami-Dade County Judge

6 Carlos J. Martinez, Public Defender, Miami-Dade County (slides not yet available)
7 Sally Heyman, Commissioner, Miami-Dade County (slides not yet available) 

8 Miami-Dade Perspective – Diversion Programs
Habsi Kaba, Pre-booking Diversion CIT 

9 Miami-Dade Perspective – Diversion Programs Continued

Cindy Schwartz, Project Director, Jail Diversion Program, Eleventh Judicial Criminal Mental Health Project (slides not yet available)
Diverting people from jails into cost-effective programs that can help them is both and fiscally and responsible public policy. Learn why it is not always easy but is worth the effort. Topics covered: Entitlement Unit – SOAR, Misdemeanor Jail Diversion, Felony Jail Diversion, Peer Specialists, Jail- in Reach 

10 Miami-Dade Perspective – Recovery
Peer to peer relationship-building is at the heart of better outcomes in recovery. Learn how and why a programmatic approach works.
Justin Volpe
, Peer Advocate, South Florida Behavioral Health Network  (slides not available)

11 County Progress with the Stepping Up Initiative

Nastassia Walsh, MA, Program Manager for County Solutions & Innovation, National Association of Counties


Dealing with Restoration of Competency

Hon. Steve Leifman,  Moderator
Effective programs to restore competency are essential for maintaining integrity and fiscal responsibility at the intersection of Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health.

12 Outpatient Competency Restoration

Neil Gowensmith, Ph.D., University of Denver, Denver FIRST (Forensic Institute for Research, Service & Training)

13 Sana Qureshi, MD, Miami-Dade Forensic Alternative Center (slides not yet available)


Community by Community Progress Through Best Practices

Across the country many communities are finding ways to bring stakeholders together to address the challenges faced by individuals and frontline public safety and other service providers. Learn from a panel of leaders who are helping to set the standards.
14 Diversion First, Fairfax County, Virginia

Laura Yager, Director, Systems Transformation Office of County Executive, Fairfax County, VA


15 The Stepping Up Initiative & The Data Driven Justice Initiative

Robert Sullivan, Criminal Justice Coordinator, Johnson County, Kansas


16 Virtual-Mobile Crisis Intervention Springfield Model

Shalaine Perriman, Burrell Center, Springfield, Mo.

Christopher Nuccio, Springfield, Missouri Police Department

17 Healthy Minds:  Keeping the Mentally Ill Healthy and Human

Judge Steven Reed, Montgomery County, AL


Tuesday Presentation

18 Achieving Higher Quality Through Evidence-Based Practices
There are lessons to be learned and applied from a careful review of the experiences of people and communities. Learn about ways to make sense of what we already know and how it supports policies and procedures for improved outcomes.

Kelly Jin, Director, Data-Driven Justice, Laura and John Arnold Foundation

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