Improving Engagement (and Finances) and Consumer Response With The Untapped Potential of Families

A Webinar on April 7, 2015

Presented by Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement and

 Family Institute for Education, Practice & Research, Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center

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Slides from the presentation

 CCFC Brochure

Decision Guide

Family Institute – Pre planning tool quick guide – Nov2014

Many organizations overlook the potential benefits which even the least likely families can offer in helping consumers recover from behavioral health problems. The URMC’s Family Institute has developed novel ways to bridge the gap to families, and help forge partnerships between families, people with a mental illness, and practitioners – to help all parties be an important part of the recovery process. With over a decade of experience, the Family Institute has demonstrated leadership, and developed practical approaches in this important area.

This presentation described this valuable process. Watch the webinar and refer to the handouts to learn how the Family Institute has been able to:

  • Involve families which initially seem reluctant or unfamiliar with how to help
  • Utilize family involvement to engage reluctant consumers in treatment
  • Build lasting relationships for consumers who had lost all contact
  • Achieve recovery using family supports
  • Increase providers income by reducing waste
  • Help people avoid hospitalizations through reliable supports
  • And more!



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