Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement Future Directions January 2013

The Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement (IBHI) Board met January 10-12 2013 and planned the Institute’s program for the coming year.  IBHI is dedicated to helping providers and organizations serving people with behavioral health problems to get better results for their consumers.


The Board is always open to new opportunities to achieve improvements, and seeks others who are interested in achieving better results.   Anyone interested in partnering or exploring a new opportunity should get in touch either by posting on the IBHI website or by contacting Executive Director Peter Brown.


The Board determined to offer again a seminar on Emergency Department flow in December in Orlando, at the time of both the National Update on Behavioral Health  Emergencies and the IHI Forum.   The recent program on this topic held in December 2012 in Las Vegas was a major success.  IBHI is also considering offering this program again during the summer of 2013.


IBHI will work with Michigan PRO on a project funded by CMS to reduce readmission of non-behavioral health consumers who also have a behavioral health diagnosis. This project should begin in April.


IBHI will work toward providing a project with John Peter Smith Health Network in Ft. Worth and other hospitals and related outpatient providers to reduce readmissions of people admitted for a behavioral health diagnosis.  IBHI will contact other hospitals in Texas and elsewhere to help find additional participants.


IBHI will offer webinars on the following topics:

•           Stories as illustrations of how people change, Bill Tucker, M.D. – February 20

•           Kaiser E-Care for Moods, Robin Dea, M.D.  – March 26.  It is planned to charge $20 for this program

•           Measuring results from treatment, the use of HBIPS data and the future of behavioral health care, Tammy Powell FACHE and Joyce Wale LCSW – April

•           Treatment outcomes and ways to measure improvement, Stuart Buttlaire Ph.D. MBA. – May

•           Managed Behavioral Health for Medicaid Consumers- is a different approach needed? William Wood M.D., PhD, FAPA– June

•           Substance Abuse, Integration and Primary Care,  Joyce Wale LCSW – July

•           Peer Counselors in three areas beginning in September

o          Recovery and Emergency Care,  Bill Wood, M.D., PhD, FAPA.

o          Veterans support, Fred Michel M.D.

o          Inpatient

•           Managed care and work, William Wood M.D., PhD, FAPA.

•           Community Based Neighborhood Health Coaches, Sheila Ryan Ph.D., R.N.,         F.A.A.N

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