November 23, 2012 Newsletter

Dec. 11 Webinar on using injectable anti-psychotic medications to reduce readmissions

IBHI is offering a free webinar December 11 at Noon Eastern time on:
Reducing Readmissions: The Role of Long Acting Injectable Psychotropic Medications
with Dr. Jorge Petit, MD

Click here to register for the webinar.

Ensuring continuing use of medications is a key step in preventing readmissions. Administrators and clinicians concerned about service sufficiency should join this webinar.

Learning Objectives for the Webinar
Upon completion of the webinar, the participant will:
1) Understand the use of the long acting injectable psychotropic medications as a strategy to improve success.

2) Understand the administrative and operational aspects of implementing services aimed at the use of injectable psychotropic medications.

3) Identify the potential of using injectable psychotropic medications as an important treatment intervention in different service settings.

4) Engaging both consumers and community supports such as peer counselors in accepting and utilizing injectable medications.

Dr. Jorge Petit, MD, president of Quality Healthcare Solutions Group provides consulting services for health systems including community-based behavioral health agencies, hospital psychiatry/behavioral health departments, and local and state regulatory entities. Previously Dr. Petit has held positions of leadership in government and community based organizations.

IBHI Project to reduce behavioral health readmissions to hospitals

This one year project is a pioneering initiative to reduce the rate of readmission of people who are hospitalized for a behavioral health diagnosis. Multiple admissions are both hard on consumers and draining for staff. Readmissions can be financially unrewarding for hospitals in certain circumstances. The project is expected to begin in early February 2013 and has room for one more hospital. For more information, contact Peter Brown or (518) 732-7178.

IBHI Seminar Dec 5 on Improving Emergency Care and meeting Joint Commission requirements

IBHI is offering a full day seminar on Improving Emergency Department Flow for People with Behavioral Health Problems on Dec 5th in Las Vegas. It will include Lynne Bergero of the Joint Commission to address the new accreditation requirements. This program will immediately precede the National Update on Behavioral Health Emergencies at the same location.

Register now for the Dec 5 seminar on Improving ED Flow, Reducing Boarding and meeting the Joint Commission Standards.

Click here for information and to register

Click here to register for National Update on Behavioral Health Emergencies

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