October 15, 2012 Update

We have four updates to share with you.
IBHI has been working on a system for making major improvements in inpatient and related outpatient care for behavioral health clients to reduce readmissions. As national concern grows over the rate of readmissions, this issue has become of ever greater concern.  
The Transforming Care system which has developed has now reached the prototype testing stage. This test optimally would be done among three hospitals and some related outpatient providers. IBHI is seeking one more hospital and network which would be interested in this pioneering effort. If interested contact Peter Brown, IBHI Executive Director, at peter@ibhi.net

IBHI continues to work to provide quality improvement support for organizations serving people with behavioral health problems. As a part of this we have recently added Facebook and LinkedIn connections.
We hope you will “Like” these new ways to connect to IBHI and to others also interested in the basic goal of improving the quality and outcome of care for this population — see links to IBHI on Facebook and LinkedIn in the right column.
LinkedIn gives an added capability for discussion, which could be very helpful in sorting out key issues facing the field. 
Improving Flow for Behavioral Health Emergency Department Clients
On October 10, IBHI President Stuart Buttlaire, PhD, and Peter Brown, MA, Executive Director of IBHI, hosted a webinar on Improving Flow for Behavioral Health Emergency Department Clients. The slides from this webinar are now available. 
IBHI is offering a full day seminar Dec 5 in Las Vegas on Improving ED Flow for Behavioral Health Clients and Meeting New Joint Commission Accreditation Requirements in This Area. This is the opening session of the National Update on Behavioral Health Emergencies  which continues Dec 6-7.
On October 9, The Hasting Center’s Over 65 Blog published an article by Executive Director Peter Brown on Struggling to Meet Seniors’ Behavioral Health Needs. Check it out and post your opinion or additions on the IBHI LinkedIn site or the Hastings Center web site. Help develop a new initiative to correct a significant gap in future care.

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