Third Webinar Series: Innovation and Re-Design to more fully Integrate Primary Care and Behavioral Health

The Institute for Behavioral Health Care (IBHI) launched three free Webinar Series focusing on Innovation and Re-Design of Care Systems in January, 2011.

The first two webinar series focused on care of behavioral healthcare clients in Hospital Emergency Care, both how to improve the experience and innovations to avoid unnecessary care. Drawn from the curriculum and experience of IBHI’s first collaborative, the series shared learning and engaged participants in new approaches and design to make emergency care more effective. The initial programs are summarized and PowerPoint presentations are available on our website.

IBHI is offering a third webinar series on improving care of Behavioral Health Care (BHC) Clients through more effective integration of BHC and Primary Care.

July 6, 2011 – Integration Lessons and Challenges from Medicaid Redesign – Tenncare. William G. Wood, MD PhD, FAPA, CMO Behavioral Health, AMERIGROUP Community Care of Tennessee

Dr. Wood’s professional experience includes more than 25 years in behavioral healthcare and executive-level medical management. More recently, Dr. Wood has served as AMERIGROUP’s Corporate Medial Director for Behavioral Health and as a Senior Vice President and National Medical Director before becoming the Chief Medical Officer for Behavioral Health for AMERIGROUP Community Care of Tennessee . In his corporate role, he was responsible for development and clinical oversight of the program for integration of medical and behavioral health services within the company and coordination of this program with health plans in 11 states.

Prior to joining AMERIGROUP, Dr. Wood served as Medical Director for TRICARE’s Behavioral Health Program for active duty military personnel, retirees, and their dependents in eight states, covering 1.3 million lives. He has also held faculty positions with Quillen College of Medicine in Johnson City, Tennessee and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Dr Wood is a founding member of the IBHI Board of Directors.

Alden (Joe) Doolittle, (Moderator) is Co-Director of IBHI, and brings solid experience in Quality Management and Consulting to his role. He was the Improvement Advisor for IBHI’s recent Emergency Room Collaborative.

Click here for the slides from this presentation.

— May 25, 2011 – A Native American Benchmark in Wendy Bradley, Lead, Clinical Systems Integration, Southcentral Foundation, Anchorage, Alaska

Nuka is an Alaska Native word used for strong, giant structures and living things, and is applied to the relationship-based, whole health care system created, managed, and owned by Alaska Native people. Southcentral Foundation’s “Nuka System of Care” is a name given to the relationship based whole health care system created, managed, and owned by Alaska Native people. It serves over 135,000 persons.

Within the organizational strategies and processes; medical, behavioral, dental and traditional practices; and supporting infrastructure is a practical approach for the integration of primary care and behavioral health. Lessons will be shared by a multi-site integrated system serving the needs of a Native American population with emphasis on chronic care management, adolescents and a patient-center view of the whole or “Nuka” System.

Leaders and others have visited Southcentral Foundation from around the world to share and learn from their experience in improvement. IBHI encourages you to join in sharing the learning.

Click here for the slides from this presentation.

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