Webinar May 12: Planning for Consumer Centered Family Consultation Beginning Fall, 2014

May 12, 2014 Noon Eastern time

Family Institute for Education, Practice & Research University of Rochester, Department of Psychiatry and IBHI


Recently IBHI and Family Institute offered a webinar on Consumer Centered Family Consultation. Behavioral health care providers can improve their finances, their outcomes and their attractiveness to managed care companies by implementing Consumer Centered Family Consultation systems.  Now we would like to hear from you.

The Family Institute and IBHI are offering to organize a project for interested organizations in the fall of  2014 to use this proven  practical technology for helping people who are dealing with behavioral health problems.  This Web based conversation will provide information on the project and provide listeners an opportunity to help develop a project which meets their needs.

Click here for a copy of the slides from this webinar.

During this meeting there was a brief explanation of the process planned for helping participating organizations understand and apply this proven method for achieving better results.  Then you could have participated in a discussion of ways the project can be organized to improve the capacity of organizations to use the system and obtain the most value for their efforts.

The new systems of care created in response to the Affordable Care Act require providers to be more effective in engaging consumers, achieving results and reducing costs.  Managed care companies are expected to become more responsible for many people with behavioral health problems, and these companies will be seeking providers who achieve results.  Hospital reimbursement will be affected by readmission rates and consumer satisfaction results.  These requirements can be much more readily achieved by using the Consumer Centered Family Consultation process to engage both consumers and family supporters in the recovery and wellness process.

This project is planned to help find:

  • Ways to engage consumers in the Consultation Process and use a shared decision-making process for inviting consumers to participate, which we anticipate will reduce readmissions and improve consumer satisfaction
  • Techniques for working practically and effectively with families and consumers
  • Methods for collecting key data on the process
  • Systems for using the data collected to improve use of the Consultation model
  • Opportunities to share results with and learn from other participating organizations
  • Ways to utilize the results in negotiating with managed care providers
  • Billing tips to assure financial viability

 This Collaborative will be organized based on the discussion participants had at this webinar.

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