Webinar: Emerging Strategies to Improve Care for Behavioral Health Clients in the Emergency Department

March 6, 2012 (DEP182)
12:00 – 1:00 pm Central Time

Emergency departments are busy and crowded and challenging places for even the most cognitively coherent and composed of patients.  These are the very things which create extra dysfunction for behavioral health patients who experience the highly stimulated environment as overwhelming.   Successful efforts in this area usually begin with understanding the current system in the emergency department, and observing the flow and engagement of patients with behavioral health disorders. 
Join us for this 60-minute discussion to hear emerging strategies and lessons learned in improving flow and outcomes for behavioral health clients in Emergency Departments.  

Our expert presenters will share real examples from the learning collaborative and the kinds of observations and systems changes that hospitals have made that reduced important measures such as the total time spent in the ED; time to see a behavioral health specialist; number and percent of patients requiring restraints; percent of patients recommended for inpatient placement; and Patient satisfaction.

At the conclusion of this event, you will be able to:

– Identify the challenges behavioral health clients experience in the ED
– Describe ED’s role in the Suicide Risk Assessment 
– Implement practical changes to reduce important measures 


Peter Brown
Executive Director, Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement (IBHI)

Stuart Buttlaire, PhD, MBA
Regional Director of Inpatient Psychiatry & Continuing Care
Kaiser Northern California

Larry Phillips, DCSW
Program Coordinator
St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City

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