What We Do

July 22, 2020 New IBHI Initiative

IBHI Emergency Department Peer Groups are designed to help professionals dealing with emergency care for people in the COVID-19 era who have behavioral health issues, both patient and staff. The benefits of networking with your peers is undeniable. In the safety of a peer group you can share challenges and get honest feedback on ideas.

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The Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement (IBHI)

was formed in 2005 when the founding members, along with leaders in behavioral health and healthcare quality, recognized the need to create a more robust, effective quality improvement processes within behavioral healthcare.  IBHI decided to emulate the general health care platform created by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) but with the primary focus on behavioral health care.  As a result, the primary mission of IBHI is to dramatically improve behavioral health care outcomes by creating a high performing national learning organization that invites organizations out of their historical silos. IBHI seeks to encourage a movement that translates a passion for quality improvement into sustained action.