Urgent Care Communities of Practice

Become a better leader. Make better decisions.
Develop innovative solutions. Enjoy better outcomes.

Communities of Practice (COP) are focused on urgent care and the connection between behavioral health and criminal justice to help professionals dealing with emergency care. The benefits of networking with your peers are undeniable. In the safety of COP you can share challenges and get honest feedback on ideas.

Take the next step in your career and become part of a powerful community of high caliber health care executives who share their perspectives to help you become a better leader, make better decisions and achieve better results.

A group of six to ten health care executives meet on a virtual conference call monthly to discuss issues that are impacting their respective organizations. The meeting is facilitated by an accomplished IBHI board member. By interacting with fellow health care executives, the group will problem solve issues that are affecting their respective organization specifically targeting behavioral health issues in urgent care and criminal justice.

The COP meeting allows participants to solve issues that are impacting patient care, employee matters and outcomes. Additionally, the COP format provides a confidential sounding board to vet ideas and discover trends that are impacting the industry.

IBHI is a leader in delivering value based solutions in behavioral healthcare. Our facilitators are experts in mental health and will guide the group to solve business issues.

o Interact with other health care professionals who have the same challenges your organization faces.

o Receive real world advice and solutions

o Make your organization more efficient and effective.

o Become better at your job.

o Learn best practices.

o Stay informed and ahead of colleagues by learning about developing trends in the industry.

o Create better outcomes for your consumers

o First month free. Try it out and see if it fits with your career objectives.

o $100 per month, six month commitment required thereafter.