Newsletter August 23, 2013

Dear friends of IBHI,

The Board of Directors held their summer meeting last month and charted the course for IBHI for the next six months.  Several valuable things have developed and I’d like you to know what is planned;

IBHI has underway or in development the following initiatives:

  • Reducing readmissions of people with a primary behavioral health diagnosis with John Peter Smith Health System in Ft Worth
  • Reducing readmissions of people with general health admissions who also have a             behavioral health problem with Michigan’s Quality Improvement Organization
  • Improving Flow and Reducing Boarding in Emergency Departments seminar Dec 11 in Orlando  Register at:
  • Implementing Consumer Centered Family Consultation with University of Rochester Family Institute for Education, Practice & Research – to begin in 2014


Another key initiative will be  a set of webinars and a planned Focus Forum on:

An Intense Discussion About Measuring Outcomes in Behavioral Health Care

The beginning Webinar on this topic will be October 10 at Noon EDT.

We will have a panel discussion with three experts:

Jeb Brown, PhD, Center for Clinical Informatics

James Kupel, Managing Principal, Crescendo Group

William Wood, MD Amerigroup Corp

Click here to register for this webinar.

Our last webinar on the topic of measuring outcomes had 350 registrations and nearly 200 people on the call, our largest ever participation.  We think this means you are really interested in the topic and we plan to find and deliver the information people want.  If interest continues to build we will work toward holding a Focus Forum on the topic.


Other webinars planned are:
Peers and Recovery and Wellness

Payer Expectations

Social Enterprises

Chronic disease and depression

Chronic pain management and mental health

Emergency Department Flow Improvement –  in preparation for the December             Seminar


If you have an idea for a webinar you think would be important let us know, we may have contacts which could make it possible.


Also, if you are interested in any of the other initiatives discussed here, please let us know.


IBHI returns to offering membership in the Institute.  Membership will be $100 for individual members and $1000 for corporations.  Members will receive a 25% discount on all IBHI activities.  Membership will be billed annually in the month originally joined.

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