Eighth Annual Seminar on Improving Emergency Department Flow for People with Behavioral Health Problems

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Improving Emergency Department Flow

for People with Behavioral Health Problems

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It is fairly common for people with acute mental health problems to be brought to hospital Emergency Departments and spend extended periods there, often with no treatment.  To change this situation IBHI has for eight years offered a seminar on ways to improve treatment of these people, improve their lives and improve financial results for the hospitals.  This program had its beginning in a pioneering year-long collaborative, which IBHI managed, of five hospitals all working together to improve their emergency care of these people.

Collaboratives of this sort usually begin with a specific body of documented learning which addresses key issues the collaborative seeks to answer.  The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has offered both collaboratives and seminars on Improving Emergency Department Flow for nearly 20 years.  Yet in that time, until the last year, has not focused any significant attention on serving people with behavioral health problems.  The body of knowledge surrounding IHI’s original initiative was available to  IBHI’s team when work began on the Collaborative focusing on people with behavioral health problems.  Armed with this information IBHI assembled an expert panel of about 25 people and worked with them to create a package of practices which were expected to help correct problems in serving people with behavioral health problems.  This product became the “Change Package” which was used in the IBHI Collaborative of five hospitals.

When the Collaborative ended no more hospitals were prepared to begin a similar effort, and IBHI began to offer the methodology which had been developed in the yearlong collaborative in a one day seminar.  To widen the distribution of information about the seminar, and to enhance the attractiveness of traveling a significant distance, IBHI partnered with Les Zun, MD of Mt Sinai of Chicago and Rosalind Franklin Medical School.  Dr. Zun had been offering a day and a half program  on Behavioral Health Emergencies Updates.  This program covered a wide array of specific morbidities which people with  behavioral health  problems might bring to hospitals.  By offering the IBHI Seminar as a single day program directly preceding the day and a half National Update on Behavioral Emergencies both programs were benefitted, and participants could develop both a systematic approach to improvement and a variety of specific morbidity responses in the same venue.

Upon completion participants in the IBHI Seminar have been able to:

  • Identify specific aspects of their Emergency Department operation which exacerbate symptoms for behavioral health patients.
  • Develop a plan for reducing the time people with behavioral health problems spend in the ED.
  • Understand how to improve the culture and operation of the Emergency Department care for this population
  • Identify ways to expedite placement for those requiring out of hospital residential care.
  • Identify specific issues which lead to court cases.
  • Identify methods for avoiding those issues.
  • Identify specific methods for reducing the incidence of injuries to consumer and staff in the ED.

The seminar has been granted authority to provide continuing education credit to social workers by the National Association of Social Work Boards.  In addition, Rosalind Franklin University has granted continuing education credit to physicians, osteopaths, and physician assistants.


  • Stuart Buttlaire Ph.D. Regional Director of Behavioral Health for Northern California Kaiser Permanente
  • Megan Schabbing, MD Medical Director Psychiatric Emergency Services OhioHealth Behavioral Health Riverside Methodist Hospital
  • Alicia Hooton, LCSW •Executive Director, Crisis Services Seneca Family Of Agencies San Leandro CA
  • Russell Kolsrud J.D. Dickinson-Wright LLC
  • Peter Brown MA Exec. Dir. IBHI

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Questions and issues including accommodations for individuals with disabilities contact: peter@ibhi.net

Grievances: Joyce Wale, LCSW joycewale@verizon.net

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