Dec. 7, 2022 Pre-Conference Seminar

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, IBHI will offer its annual, well-received seminar on Improving Emergency Department Flow for People with Behavioral Health Problems at the DoubleTree Resort, Scottsdale, AZ, preceding the 13th Annual National Update on Behavioral Emergencies Conference at the same location.

This seminar has been redesigned to provide information, examples and direction for all levels of urgent or crisis care.  This seminar is designed to give the participant the knowledge and tools for restructuring their care system to achieve better, faster and more lasting improvement in outcomes. 

Upon completion of the Seminar, participants will be able to:

  • identify specific aspects of their Emergency Department operation which delay care for  behavioral health patients and develop ways to correct delays;      
  • develop a plan to implement community wide response to reduce the time people with behavioral health problems spend in the ED and improve outcomes;
  • identify ways to restructure cooperation with law and justice organizations to reduce problems;
  • identify specific issues which lead to court cases, and methods for avoiding them;
  • identify issues of culture and staff burnout in their workplace and know how to change the culture, and establish methods for addressing fatigue and burnout.            

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