RECORDED – IBHI Webinar October 10: An Intense Discussion About Measuring Outcomes in Behavioral Health Care

Why we need them, how to measure and what to measure

This webinar on October 10 was recorded.

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This webinar is the next in a series of webinars on the value and importance of measuring outcomes and utilizing those measures. This webinar will offer a discussion by three experts on the potential, process and results of measurement. The three experts are:

Jeb Brown, PhD Center for Clinical Informatics
James Kupel, Managing Principal, Crescendo Group
William Wood, MD Amerigroup Corp

The webinar began where previous webinars ended with a description of the latest developments in the field of behavioral health and the value of effective measurement.  It will offer specific measurement systems for understanding progress and outcome.  It will examine the potential for improving results and demonstrating value from effective use of these methods.

The presenters had the opportunity to discuss the implications of their presentations individually and in concert.

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